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Enterprise scale AI solutions

We build deep tech AI solutions for Enterprises to make the operations autonomous.

Powering Enterprise scale applications

 providing AI solutions for healthcare to automate their day to day work and improve productivity


Improves productivity of the healthcare organizations

When over 70% of the daily operations are autonomously handled, the staff get a lot of time to do what they do the best, deliver care.

Saving Operational Costs

Study states that each year healthcare needs to hire 12% more staff to cater to the increase in demand of patients. This can save millions each year on operational costs.

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Integrations with your EHR or scheduling system are a breeze with our RPA systems which without API's can integrate and perform

Data Training

Our AI engine being trained on millions of scenarios and beyond, needs no medical data sets from your teams to setup. 

Augmented CRM

To manage the complex patient conversations, the staff get a complete context of the conversations pre built into CRM

Hear what our enterprise clients say

Operations head

We strive to bring in more an more better ways to improve the patient experience and no doubts All spark is clearly a solution which is tremendously increasing the px

Digital Marketing Head

Beyond the hype  of AI we were looking to integrate a solution where  the patients have better access to our healthcare services.
All Spark delivered exactly that in just under a few weeks the results were clear.