Why Call Centre Automation?

The 360° view on operational performance

An integrated automation solution links the systems and applications in one console, builds a unified knowledge base that delivers relevant data in real time, and automatically sets up & kicks off processes for an efficient post-call wrap-up.

How it helps?

Agents are freed from having to process repetitive, manual tasks and can focus on developing their customer-centric skills. Unlike many first generation RPA tools, which focus primarily on the design of robots, the UiPath platform was designed to meet the deployment, management, security, reporting, integration, and scalability requirements of today’s global enterprises.
Our AI combines an intuitive and easy-to implement enterprise-grade management platform that can be deployed in the Cloud. Thus, you can manage all the 
organisation robots from a single console. The agent will safely and swiftly update information in different systems simultaneously, without having to jump between screens and compromise accuracy. Dynamic search options will save time within the conversation, and more importantly, will lower the call abandonment rates. The system provides the agent with up-sell and cross-sells suggestions in real time, creating the opportunity to maximize revenues. At the same time, the automatic capture of manual inputs ensures optimization and efficiency of the wrap-up work. Data is safely recorded and then comprehensively logged, gaining processing accuracy for the organization. This frees up time for the agent to take more calls, allowing him to develop his customer-centric skills.

Continuous improvement with AI

Identifying and implementing the right automation solution will both dramatically improve agent processes and elevate the customer experience. By aggregating customer information from multiple sources in a single view, Call Center automation will make the agent more effective and engaged with the customer. Satisfied customers mean improved first call resolution. Our AI fully supports you in 

identifying the best automation opportunities to drive immediate results, taking your business to the next level. By transforming the system and adapting it to the conversation, impeccable processing and a successful agent-customer engagement will ensue. Essentially, AI automation allows for continuous, focused improvement in customer satisfaction, while increasing long-term revenue potential.